Sleep in Luxury at Marquise Suites with Coco-mat!
Marquise Suites offers only the best for a restful sleep that will relax and rejuvenate you, as all Suites feature Coco-mat!

Sleep on nature, Sleep on... Coco-mat

Dream Details

Βed-mattress Androklis
A solid and durable construction that provides long lifespan to the mattress and ensures proper support and equal distribution of body weight on the bed's surface. Androcklis' base consists of a base of 1,8 cm of plywood with wooden screwed boards to avoid wear and tear. It is also consists of a -1cm thick- coconut rubberized layer and a super-elastic spring frame (168pcs / m2), which is surrounded by a steel casing to keep them stable. It is finished by a 1cm thick coconut elastic sheet and 1 cm EMIL elastic sheet.

Mattress Jason
The perfect combination of independent springs and natural materials to an excellent quality mattress. Two sheets of elasticized coconut help air circulation and regulate moisture. Suitable for all body types, especially for people with increased body weight.

Top mattress Iviskos
Perfect elasticity and comfort are guaranteed on our signature metal-free top-mattress. Upgrade your sleep with a solid layer of natural latex that gently hugs every part of your body. Iviskos is the ideal complement to any sleep system, providing perfect support for all body types. Thousands of small holes allow for ideal ventilation, ensuring a steady body temperature throughout the night. Double covers with perimeter zippers can be easily removed and washed for optimum hygienic. The quilted mattress cover is made from high-quality cotton and pure wool.
Iviskos has been chosen to be included in the First class cabins of Etihad Airways, as part of the Etihad Sleep Program the company launched in 2014 in order to maximize guests’ sleep experience.


Coco-mat pillows are made and filled only by natural materials of premium quality with hypo allergic properties.
Guests at Marquise Suite can enjoy:

Natural Latex Pillow “Narkissos”
Sleeping on your side or just need reinforced neck support? Natural Latex Pillows embrace both the neck and head, providing optimal support and a relaxed sleep experience.

Down and Wool Pillow “Morfeas”
Pillows filled with goose or duck downs provide a dreamy sense of softness and create a warm nest for the head, while the pure virgin wool filling relaxes you with its hypoallergic properties.


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